Growing the courgette indoors, in a tin can, is a bit of a gamble. These plants can get quite big! And it's already overflowing the pot … There is a promising cluster of flowers and fruits already, so I am keeping my (green) fingers crossed that it pays off.


A pair of chilli plants courtesy of a Wahaca matchbook. This little and large due took a few weeks to sprout—I got so impatient that I put an extra cluster of seeds in each can, and ended up with about seven or eight plants in total to begin with. When they got to a reasonable size I removed all but the strongest plants. Survival of the fittest, though not by natural selection.


Quick to germinate and fast-paced growth has put the basil ahead of the pack. Though the seed-plant ratio has been quite low. Lesson for next time—throw in a bigger handful of seeds!

The label on the tin boasts of the flavour of orange peel and spices that were in it's original contents of Christmas tea. The basil too has great flavour (and fragrance), and will be a tasty addition to pasta's over the summer.


A herb and a cutting, and foraged from a rosemary bush on Wandsworth Common. This rosemary sprig has been in its can for about 6 weeks. I have no idea if the cutting has taken—though I suspect not given its sorry and declining state.

I use rosemary a lot when cooking stews, so it's got a few months until Autumn hits to catch up. Or be replaced …

The plant

First up, I have to admit that I don't really know what this plant is … it was bought fully grown from the supermarket for its colourful flowers.

The plant seems to survive well with little watering and a little neglect.